About JOLO

JOLO is a online mobile, dth, data card, bills, flight, money transfer, bulksms, readymade website and web hosting provider of India. JOLO services can be used for all type of business without any investment. JOLO CLOUD API can help webmaster/developer to integrate all services in their website and application easily at cheapest pricing.

Quick Tips

  • Read the information given on this page very carefully to learn how to get Free Recharge API for your website or application.

India's first free recharge api provider

Do you have a website or application? Do you want to integrate mobile, dth, datacard and other api in your website or application for free? If yes, then our FREE RECHARGE API can fulfill your needs. Our FREE RECHARGE API is very simple to use and integrate in any website or application.

How to Get this free recharge api?

To use our free recharge api in your website or application, create an account with us. Free recharge api service will be automatically gets activated on your account instantly. You are ready to use our free recharge api of mobile, dth and datacard after successful signup.

How to setup free recharge api on own website?

Setting up free recharge api on your own website is not a rocket science. Its very simple to build recharge website using our free mobile, dth and datacard recharge api. To get some idea, just download our readymade help guide in pdf and read it carefully:



You will earn commission on each recharge that done through api. We are giving flat 1.6% margin/comission on every mobile, dth and datacard. For example, say your website visitor done a recharge of Airtel with Rs.100 then you will earn Rs.1.60 (1 rupee 60 paisa). Similarly, when your website visitor done a recharge of Tata sky dth with Rs.500 then you will earn Rs.8.00 (8 rupee 0 paisa).

Overall earnings per month: Suppose overall transaction done on your website is around Rs.1,50,000 then you will earn around Rs.2,400. So, no hard work is requied to earn good income without investment. As your website goes old, you will get more traffic and thereby your transaction will increase. As per our record, currently our customers using free recharge api are easily earning Rs.10,000/month on an average. Isn't great?

How to increase earnings/margin/commission?

If 1.6% is not enough for you then you can upgrade your free recharge api plan to paid api plan starting at Rs.1500/year and your margin percentage will be increase.