About JOLO

JOLO is a online mobile, dth, data card, bills, flight, money transfer, bulksms, readymade website and web hosting provider of India. JOLO services can be used for all type of business without any investment. JOLO CLOUD API can help webmaster/developer to integrate all services in their website and application easily at cheapest pricing.

Quick Tips

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Service F.A.Q's

  • How to send sms?
    You can start sending sms after logging into your account. Click on Start Now button from Member Home page.
  • Where to enter destination mobile number?
    You can enter destination mobile number in the first box given on Send SMS page.
  • Where to enter message to be send?
    You can enter message in the second box given on Send SMS page.
  • How to send same sms to multiple mobile numbers?
    On Send SMS page, your can enter multiple mobile numbers in the first box seperated by comma. For example 9999999999,8888888888,7777777777,981234567890,...etc upto 10.
  • How to import mobile numbers from my contacts?
    On Send SMS page, click on the image placed on right side of first box. The image is like:
  • How to know whether sms delivered or not?
    You will get instant delivery status (real time) when you send sms. If status is Success, then your sms is delivered successfully. If status is Failed, then your sms not delivered to destination mobile number and reason of it will be given also. You can check the issue and try it again.
  • I got success status of sms delivery but actually it was not delivery and sms credits got deducted then what?
    The real time status of sms delivery shown on website represents that sms are delivered to your operator (Airtel, Idea, etc) but sometime due to network issue in your area, you might not receive sms instantly. As soon as network issue at your end resolves, your operator will deliver the sms to you. It might happen rarely that you won't receive sms, reason could be your prepaid sim validity ended/suspended, no network coverage at your end, bad whether conditions, Govt. ban or restrictions.
  • Is there any refund of sms whose sent status was success but not delivered?
    No, there is no refund of sms whose sent status was success. Our system is highly advanced and show the exact result for every sms sent.
  • How to easily copy and paste sms from previously sent messages?
    Our full featured sms portal allows you to easily send sms. When you start typing sms, it will auto-complete sms by suggesting from old messages send by you.
  • How to easily enter mobile number?
    When you start typing mobile number, it will auto-complete mobile number by suggesting from old mobile numbers used by you.