About JOLO

JOLO is a online mobile, dth, data card, bills, flight, money transfer, bulksms, readymade website and web hosting provider of India. JOLO services can be used for all type of business without any investment. JOLO CLOUD API can help webmaster/developer to integrate all services in their website and application easily at cheapest pricing.

Quick Tips

  • Read the information given on this page very carefully to learn how to integrate our HTTP Recharge API on your website or application.


You will earn commission on each recharge that you do either via HTTP API or JOLO account. There are different commission rates for each operator. You can check all commission rates by clicking on below:


Get API Access

To get joloapi access, you need to first create free account on joloapi.com. Its free of cost, no need to pay anything. After account creation, you need to login into your joloapi.com account. Mouse over "Account Manage" and click on sub-menu "API Key". Now on right side, you will find your api access key under "LIVE API KEY". Just copy it and use it in api links wherever required. When you read api integration pdf, you must notice that to get api access, you need 2 parameters "key" and "userid". You need to use your login username in api links as userid and live api key as key. You can also generate new api key anytime but make sure you make changes in your api links for same.

Download API Integration Kit

To integrate joloapi in your website or application, you need to download free integration kit from below link:
Read the api integration guide carefully. Make sure you must have sample codes, operator codes, error codes also.

API Security

To secure your api account transactions, we need your server ip address to be whitelisted. To do this, login into Joloapi.com account. Under Account Manage section, click on "API Server IP". Now left side, you will find text boxes to enter your server ip address. You can white list upto 5 server ip address. Atleast 1 server ip address is compulsory but in case your server ip is not static or you are not running api on server then you can skip this step as its not required but you have to use our alternate api link to get access to our services.

API Synchronization

API Synchronization is very important feature of our services for best performance. To get it setup, login into Joloapi.com account. In Account Manage section, click on "API Synchronize". On that page, you will find instructions for setting up. API Synchronization is all about synchronizing transaction status between jolo api database and your database. When any transaction status changes at our end, same will be notify to your database in real time. Suppose when any transaction refund is issued by operator, status of transaction changes from SUCCESS to FAILED, this change is push to your database in real time so that you can refund the amount to your customer in real time. Our system sends data to your database using POST method only in this case.

API Service Status

API Service Status will notify your database whenever any opeator servcies go down or up in realtime. To get it setup, login into Joloapi.com account. In Account Manage section, click on "API Service Status". On that page, you will find instructions for setting up. Suppose when any operator transactions are getting failed due to network issue at operator end or technical reasons, status details will be push to your database in real time so that you can notify to your customers. Our system sends data to your database using POST method only in this case.

API Fund Security

API Locker is our one of the security enhancement feature. Our api users can secure their api account balance by saving it in API Locker. Its flexible to use as api user can convert api locker balance to main balance anytime or vice-versa. A sms verification process flow is required to authenticate unlocking locker balance which makes it un-breakable.

100% Secure Payment Method (Self)

In order to use our services, you must have funds in your api account. To add funds, you need to transfer amount from your bank to our bank via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/GCC/ATM/FUND TRANSFER etc but no cash deposit. After making payment, you need to fill a balance request form. To do that just login into api account. In Payment section, click on "Add Fund". Enter your payment details and submit it. We will process your payment after verifying the same and it can take time between 5 to 60 minutes. Please note that minimum amount must be Rs.5000. We hightly recommend you to maintain advance balance in your api account to avoid any service interruption. Our balance request processing time is 10 A.M to 5.30 P.M (Mon to Sat). Balance update not available on bank holidays.

Buying Recharge & Bill API Plan

To buy our api plan, transfer the activation charges of api plan to our any bank and email us your payment details to
care [@] joloapi.com along with your account username. Do not fill balance request form for this. Do not club the payment with your api balance while making payment.

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E)

To monitor your api transactions, login into api account. In Transaction section, you can view all transactions category wise. You can download all details in csv format or print it. To evaluate your account, click on "Earning" or "Statement" under Stats section. You can view your total earning and total selling date-wise or overall. To get more analysis, you can choose service type under "Earning" like prepaid, dth and also operator wise like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, etc.

Your Profit / Income

You can view your current total earing by logging into api account. It is displayed within top slider menu as "Total Earning". By clicking on flag icon you can redeem it into api main balance. Secondly, you can also redeem from inner main menu section with name "Redeem > Redeem Now". Your current total earning should be at least Rs.100 for redeem.

Transaction Reporting

In some cases, if transaction status is SUCCESS but your customer do not get recharge then you can report such transaction using dispute button as given against each transaction in Transaction section. To make this process automatic, you can setup dispute api link in your website and give a dispute button to your customers so that your customer can report transaction themselves instantly. Note that operator allow for re-check or re-view of transaction if transaction is not older than 7-10 days. Transactions older than 7-10 days cannot be accepted for re-view and Intial status of transaction will be final status.

Account Settlement

We do account settlement every week. Any extra amount credited or debited in your api account are settled during this weekly audit either every sunday or monday. If you are not blocking duplicate transaction at your website end, your api balance will be debit for second attempt and we do not store such dublicate transaction. To avoid this and balance difference, make sure you block "same number with same amount within 60 seconds" all transaction.

24x7 Online Support

If you have any query related to sales or support or any other query, you can create ticket from api account under Help Desk section anytime. You can also directly email us on care [@] joloapi.com. You can also contact us on our customer support numbers between 10 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Saturday.

Recharge from your own mobile

You can also recharge mobile, dth, data card, postpaid, landline, electricity, gas, insurance from your own mobile number by sending simple sms without internet connection only on jolo.in.