About JOLO

JOLO is a online mobile, dth, data card, bills, flight, money transfer, bulksms, readymade website and web hosting provider of India. JOLO services can be used for all type of business without any investment. JOLO CLOUD API can help webmaster/developer to integrate all services in their website and application easily at cheapest pricing.

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Refund Policy

Refund on sms plan purchase

We do not give refund on purchase of any sms plan from us. Once customer bought any sms plan at any amount, must be consumed in valid time period.

Refund on sms credits

We will give refund in terms of sms credits on following conditions (must be approved by our technical staff):

(i) SMS not delivered to destination mobile number due to problems at our end and sms credits deducted from customer account.
(ii) SMS credits deducted wrongly from customer account (very rare case).

Refund on recharge transactions

We will give refund on transactions in which your source of funding (credit card/debit card/bank account, etc) are charged but you do not get recharge on your mobile, dth and data card. But if your source of funding is not charged and no recharge is done then no refund can be issued.
We settle all the transactions which were failed or you do not get recharge within 24 hours automatically. There is no need to call or email us for the same. In case you do not get refund within 24 hours then you can email us on sales@jolo.in or call us.

Cancellation and refund on plans

All annual charges paid for a plan are non-refundable charges. There is no refund on cancellation/suspension/termination of plan purchased.

Note: There is no fee on refund/cancellation.